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We present the new Escape Game Radstadt - The Secret of the Three Towers


The Secret of the Three Towers – an interactive adventure game, Salzburg

Wenn ganz Radstadt zum Escape Room wird

In the new escape game Radstadt – your help is needed! The future of Radstadt – a medieval city in the mountains, in the province of Salzburg – is in danger. Solve the mystery of the three towers, where the whole city becomes an escape room with an exciting puzzle rally.

By the way, there are 3 escape game variants (except start and finale). Due to the different game options, the escape game can be played more than once.

Do you want to take part in the escape games throughout Radstadt?

Solve puzzles at any time of the year in this interactive adventure game

Das Escape Spiel in Radstadt lädt zu einem interaktivem Abenteuerspiel

Get to know the city centre through this modern scavanger hunt

Quer durch Radstadt führen die Rätselstationen von "Das Geheimnis um die Drei Türme"

Discover mystical walls and 3 towers, the escape game is played indoors and out

Radstadt offers this escape game as a new tourist attraction right in the city of Radstadt – for young and old, for the playful, for families and friends. Experience puzzle fun together in Radstadt, in the style of an escape game, where the entire city centre becomes an escape room.

The Secret of the Three Towers 

The magic stone is your constant companion during your escape game in Radstadt

The goblins “Toki and Nyra” guide you – in a team of 2 to 6 players – with the help of a magic stone – to the different challenge stations across the city centre. Listen carefully to spot hidden clues and solve the tricky puzzles of this escape game.

Oktober Urlaub in Österreich  - Herbst Impressionen aus Radstadt am Teichturm

The locations and game stations for the escape game Radstadt were chosen in such a way that the players can embark on the puzzle rally both indoors and out. You will sometimes be led to mystical places, such as the old defence towers.

Der Kapuzinerturm ist auch Spielstätte beim Escape Spiel in Radstadt

The guard tower (Gardeturm), where Radstadt’s cultural centre is located today, has the puzzle station outside. You can also enter the interior of the Capuchin Tower (Kapuzinerturm) and the Witches’Tower (Hexenturm) and learn something about Radstadt and its history.

Escape Room were so yesterday – today the whole city is your escape room 

  • Suitable as a fun activity in summer and winter
  • for 2 to 6 people per team
  • for puzzle fans from the age of 12 (unaccompanied by an adult)
  • an entertaining adventure for the whole family
  • a suitable gift on the occasion of a birthday or a celebration
  • suitable as a company event with fun factor
  • Flat rate per team  € 72.00 with discount card or € 82.00 without discount card
  • Playing time approx. 2 hours
  • Appointments can be booked online .  Registration and start – at the tourist office. Outside the opening hours, tickets are also available from the Hotel Stegerbräu.

Vouchers for the escape game Radstadt 

Neu: Radstadt Game - das Geheimnis um die drei Türme

Vouchers for the Escape Game Radstadt are a great idea for a gift – and actually for every occasion, whether it’s a birthday, Mother’s or Father’s Day, Christmas or other celebrations. Also suitable for companies to promote the team spirit of the employees or to achieve a goal together with colleagues.


You can get gift vouchers for the Radstadt Game directly from us at the Hotel Stegerbräu. You can order vouchers online, by e-mail or by calling us.

Answers to the most frequently asked questions

This modern scavenger hunt across Radstadt costs a regular flat rate of € 82,00 without a card and € 72.00 per team with a guest card or citizen card however big your team (2-6 people). So with 6 players, the starting price is only € 12.00 per person. Locals receive the discount with the citizen card, guests with the Radstadt guest card.

There are a total of 3 game variants with different puzzle stations (with the exception of the Start and Finish). For the escape game, at least 120 minutes (without a break) should be expected as the playing time. Since this adventure game is not played for time, it is also possible to take a leisurely break or stop at one of the Radstadt bars or restaurants in between.

The outdoor escape game in Radstadt can be played at any time of the year and on any day. Time slots per team with 2 to 6 players can be booked every 1/2 hour between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. (last start time). 3 teams are possible per start time, as there are 3 different game strands. Appointments can be booked online via the tourist office in Radstadt. You are also welcome to book directly by phone or in person during opening hours at the Radstadt Tourist Office.

The start time can currently be booked and paid for online in the time slot calendar on the website of the tourist board, up to 2 months in advance. You can also book and pay by phone (+43 6452 7472) or in person at the tourist office during the opening hours of the tourist info. For the outdoor escape game, you will then receive a “magic stone” on site, which will guide you from station to station, give you hints about the riddles and is also required to solve the riddles.

During opening hours (Monday to Saturday from 09:00 am. to 3:00 p.m.), you can get the magic stone directly from the tourist office, outside of opening hours from us in the Hotel Stegerbräu.

The START for the escape game Radstadt is always in front of the tourist office.

Appointments in the time slot calendar can currently be booked up to 2 months in advance and can be cancelled free of charge up to 48 hours before the start of the game. A cancellation from 2 days before the start of the escape game Radstadt will be charged at the full ticket price.

If you want to change or cancel an appointment that has already been booked, please make sure that you contact the Radstadt Tourist Office directly, as the originally booked appointment must also be removed from the time slot calendar.

The magic stone is your constant companion during the puzzle rally. The stone guides you from station to station with clues and provides information about the individual missions. The magic stone also opens the doors to the puzzle stations and is required for entering the solutions at the game locations.

Each team gets a magic stone for the escape game in Radstadt, which has to be handed back to the tourist office (same as the start point) at the end of the challenge. If the office is closed, you can hand in the stone to us at Hotel Stegerbräu. Our Hotel is just a few steps away from the Radstadt Tourist Office.

Currently the escape game in Radstadt – with the puzzle stations and the audio of the magic stone – is only available in German. Unfortunately we do not yet have any information as to whether or when an English version of Escape Room Radstadt will also be available.

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